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FileMaker Server 18 Install and Configuration Guide

Last updated: 5 March 2020
  • Before updating any existing database

    Check for plugin support on the FileMaker version you intend to install.

    The database may require scripting changes to support alternate plugins/methods required by more recent FileMaker versions

  • To install FM server

    Follow the documentation provided here:

  • Update admin console login details in 1Password

    Use 1Password to generate the admin console password

  • If custom SSL certificate is required

    Follow the advice in our Slack channel

  • Update the Client Solution details

    Accessed via the Client Solutions button on the main navigation Card in Enterprise

    • Include details of Client and Server versions
    • Identify if Remote Admin Console has been enabled
    • If required ask client IT provider to configure firewall to allow external access to port 160001 – forward to FileMaker Server IP address
  • Check these important server configuration options

    • Remove the FM_Sample database from the server
    • Confirm that all required script schedules are configured and active (check back the next day)
    • Confirm that all required back-up schedules are configured and active (check back the next day)
    • Depending on back-up requirements you might want to disable the built-in daily backup. Use the FileMaker Server Admin CLI: fmsadmin disable schedule 1 You may need to list the schedules first to ensure you have the right schedule number selected.
    • On the Configuration > FileMaker Clients screen Enable the option to Filter Databases in Client Applications. This will hide hosted databases unless a valid username/password combination is specified.
    • Use The Missing Admin Tool hosted on our server to update the cache size to suit memory available on the server. Alternatively you can use the FileMaker Server Admin CLI: fmsadmin set serverconfig cahcesize=8000

    After updating the server configuration save a copy of the settings file to the following locations

    • Dropbox/Client/Server Settings/
    • C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Server Settings/
  • Configure Notifications

    Configure email based notifications on the Configuration > Notifications screen. SMTP settings for [email protected] can be found in 1Password

  • Pin common folders

    Pin Backups and Databases folders to the Fav section for Quick Access.