FileMaker Web Solutions

Allow staff and customers to access your database via the web

FileMaker Pro works great in a cross-platform environment, deployed across multiple workstations in offices of varying sizes. However, if you really want to leverage the investment in your in-house database solution you should consider the development of a web interface for customers and staff.

By providing web interfaces to selected database content you can reduce clerical effort and improve overall business efficiency.

  • Directing sales enquiries submitted via the web to your sales team based on the location of the prospect or current staff load
  • Reducing customer enquiries by providing access to customer job status and invoice details
  • Reduce clerical effort by allowing customers to submit job details or approve quotes online

Think of the possibilities for your business!

Content can be displayed directly from the same database you use in your office, ensuring you and your customers are all on the same page at the same time. No delays and no confusion. If your back end data is too sensitive to allow direct editing, we can implement a solution that allows customers to submit updates that must be reviewed by staff before they are committed to the master database. All access is controlled by secure username and password authentication. You control who is allowed to login via the web and determine what they can see, all from your FileMaker Pro database.

If you’d like a demo of our very own Customer Web Portal let us know that you’re interested in a web development demo. We’ll contact you directly and organise a suitable date and time to have an online demo session. You’ll be able to learn all about FileMaker Pro web integration right from the comfort of your own desk.

If you’d prefer to discuss your requirements over the phone, please call Shaun Cotter on 0419 324 385