System maintenance

FileMaker System Maintenance

Insightful Systems provides ongoing support for your FileMaker database.

We provide database maintenance for two types of clients:

  • Maintenance for solutions that we’ve developed from scratch
  • Maintenance for solutions that we’ve inherited from another developer

Regardless of whether we originally developed your FileMaker Pro system, we can provide you with ongoing support and advice. In some cases we’re contacted because the existing developer is unreliable, on other occasions the developer has reached the limit of their skill level and in many cases an in-house developed system no longer employs the original staff member who developed it. We’ll conduct a thorough review of your existing solution and provide you with a list of written recommendations. This might range from a complete re-write, to more subtle updates like script optimisation, new functionality or interface upgrades. We’ll work with you to provide a support service that meets your requirements and budget.

Whatever the reason, we can provide you with a professional support service that is responsive, knowledgeable and pro-active. We pride ourselves on keeping your database in the best shape possible and identifying opportunities to improve the way you work with your important data.

We provide support using cutting edge technology that allows us to remotely connect to your local computers and work through issues with you over the phone. We see exactly what you see, reducing back and forth emails exchanges, and getting to the root of problems fast.

By working with your IT support team we’ll choose the technology that works best for you; Remote Desktop, Citrix, TeamViewer or LogMeIn. By using remote support software we can provide impromptu training, troubleshoot bugs or make minor upgrades by connecting directly to your computer.

If you’d like us to review your existing FileMaker Pro solution, give us a call on 0419 324 385 or send us an email.