Data migration

Data Migration

Insightful Systems can clean your data and convert it to the format of your choice.

Insightful Systems provide data migration services, specialising in the conversion of data from Excel, ACCESS and ACT!

While many of these platforms provide a simple data export facility they don’t always provide you with the underlying unique record ID’s making the process of transferring, and retaining the original data relationships difficult and time consuming.

We guarantee we’ll convert your data and maintain the correct structure – your contacts will have the same notes, appointments and related groups attached that you see in your existing database.

In addition to straight data migration we can perform a variety of data hygiene operations during the conversion process, including:
  • Case manipulation, i.e. Title Case, UPPERCASE, Sentence case, etc.
  • Formatting and validation of phone, email and address details
  • Merge and de-duplicate contact data

We provide you with lists of duplicates based on name, phone, address or a combination of values identified by you. We can carry out the merging automatically based on defined rules or send duplicate lists to you for subsequent internal review.

If you’d like to discuss your data migration requirements give us a call on 0419 324 385 or send us an email.