Established in 1954, Monsons Honey and Pollination are consultants and brokers of beehives for pollination. Bees supplied and managed by Monson’s are used to pollinate a wide variety of plant species including; Almonds, Canola, Avocados, Apricots, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Blueberries, and Raspberries. Previously Monsons used Microsoft Excel which required the collection of paper records in the field that were then transferred into spreadsheets for further processing and reporting. Insightful System developed a custom FileMaker solution that used FileMaker Go to record hive quality information by teams using iPads in the field. The new FileMaker database provides the following key features:

  • Track installed hives based on owner, farm, and site.
  • Record hive quality in the field via iPad.
  • Track hive locations via GPS and review hive quality across an entire farm using Google Maps.
  • Produce reports to highlight inspection progress and hive quality.

Integration with Google Maps allows hive quality data to be visualised on a map of the entire farm. By identifying hive quality and inspection completion using coloured pins and circles of various size the management team can immediately determine where additional hives may be required.

Custom FileMaker Solution using FileMaker Go
Map showing hive quality across an entire farm.

Operations Manager, Jonathan Monson identified the following key benefits to their business:

  • Delivers more information to the client in less time.
  • Operation Manager saves 10 hours per week.
  • Quality assurance teams are able to do the same inspections with 33% less staff.

Insightful Systems have reduced my workload by 20%, reduced our labour hire by 33% and I am now able to generate professional map based reports for our clients.

Jonathan Monson, Operations Manager – Monsons Honey & Pollination.

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